The Union of Latvian Fish Processing Industry (ULFPI) is a public organization, in which the leading Latvian fish processing enterprises are united by the direction of basic activity — the production of canned fish. The ULFPI was founded on 22 August 2000.

The Union of Latvian Fish Processing Industry

The ULFPI pays great attention to the reputation of the organization and adds to its collective the enterprises, whose products correspond to the highest quality of standards. The production units of the enterprises correspond to the quality requirements of the European Union member states; the technological processes are precisely observed and a self-controlled HACCP system has been developed and introduced.

The task of the ULFPI is to promote the interest of its members in Latvia and abroad, with the purpose to achieve the best possible conditions for the development of the branch.

The ULFPI is a member of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, the Latvia Marketing Board and the Latvian Federation of Food Enterprises. The association is represented in the advisory board of the Latvia Fishing Industry and in several work groups of mediating institutions.

List of members

  • SIA “Brīvais vilnis” 
  • AS “Ventspils zivju konservu kombināts”
  • SIA “Gamma A”
  • SIA “Karavela”
  • SIA “Banga LTD”
  • SIA “Unda”
  • SIA “Fish + Fish”
  • SIA “Verģi”
  • SIA “Atlantika surimi seafood”
  • SIA “Sudrablīnis”

History and Traditions

Due to its geographical position (500 km coastal area) and old fishing traditions, Latvia has been known as the country of fish products and production since the olden days.

The oldest and the most recognizable fish product produced in Latvia are canned sprats. It is said that the production of canned sprats began around 1892 in the fish-processing workshop on the coast of the Gulf of Riga. 5,982,000 small cans of sprats were produced in the year 1911.

Due to the specific taste features, which are provided by the traditional smoking method by using alder wood in the smoking process, the Latvian canned sprats have been the consumer favourite for more than one hundred years.

Since the 1950s in the territory of Latvia, the processing and canning of other Baltic Sea fish has rapidly developed in parallel to the sprats production – Baltic herring, smelt and cod, as well as a group of ocean fish – herring, hardhead, pilchard, sardines, mackerel, etc.


The assortment of products exceeds 100 various kinds of canned fish. Every year, the companies introduce new high-quality products, thus constantly following the market tendencies and consumer demands.

The Latvian fish processing companies that produce canned fish products have received countless rewards of the highest level for the quality of the products and innovations in many international exhibitions, such as, Prodexpo, World Food, Anuga, SIAL etc.