The Company Vergi LLC was founded on the 7th of May, 1993.
The number of employees is around 150 people.
The company’s fleet consists of 5 Baltic type fishing vessels engaged in the commercial fishing in the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea. Fishermen’s catches are delivered directly to the company’s first processing plant in Ventspils for fresh fish pre-treatment – sorting, freezing, salting/marinating, cutting, gutting and filleting. Without unnecessary delays and transporting, we add value to the fresh fish. We produce high quality products, which are required by local Latvian and Baltic markets, in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Rumania, Croatia, Canada, the United States and many more for already 23 years.
Long term cooperation is very important for us, so we have individual relation with each customer. Prior to the selection and delivery of fish, it is carefully evaluated, to continue fish processing, or it will be realized in the market, or sold to fish meal. Location of the factory is very convenient for loading goods by truck, railway or even cargo vessels.
High qualified employees, quality of our products and customers are three priorities – three wales, who make up Company’s profitability, long-surviving, visibility.